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Welcome to Kudoz Rewards

Businesses subscribe to Kudoz Rewards and sign on their best customers. Sign up is free for non-business members. Customers continue the practice of making word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and family.

Recommendations are made through the Kudoz app, and can be sent by text, email, social media, or in person with QR codes. Recommendations are stored within the app until use. Upon use, the user may receive an incentive (often
times a coupon) provided by the business. The business receives new customers who use their referrals. When the new
customers pay, the people who referred them receive Kudoz Points as a compensation for bringing new customers to the business. The new customers can also begin referring their network of people to the business as well. Everybody wins!

Both business and consumer members can refer new businesses to join the Kudoz Network. If a business joins using your referral, you will receive 100 Kudoz Points (prorated) from Kudoz Rewards. Each Kudoz Point is worth 1 standard USD. Social points are also earned each time the app is used and serve to elevate members to higher statuses which indicates your influence level as a consumer.

''Kudoz gives businesses the power to reward word-of-mouth advertising''

Member benefits
● As a consumer, you make the same Word of Mouth recommendations as always, but with Kudoz, you’ll be rewarded for it! If a business joins Kudoz Rewards because of your recommendation, Kudoz will give you 100 Kudoz Points.

● In addition, every time you refer a friend to a business using the Kudoz app, you are compensated with points that can be used at any business that accepts Kudoz Points. Or, you can turn them into cash! Each Kudoz Point is worth 1 standard USD.

● We turn referrals into a win-win situation. Most businesses will offer a first-time customer an incentive to make it even more enticing for your friend to visit and use your referral.

● Ultimately, you’re helping your friends and family with a great recommendation and getting paid for it!

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  • Victor Jacobs
    July 23, 2018 at 8:45 am

    This sounds like a great concept. Is it launched yet? Is there a maximum amount of businesses I can refer?

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