Kudoz FAQs

How do I redeem my points? How do I get started? Find the answers here.
Do I need to use my real name?

Businesses must use their real name, but consumers do not. Consumers can use an alias, for example, James Bond. But keep in mind, James, the businesses might call you “Mr. Bond” and you will need your real name if you want to convert points to dollars.

Other than myself, who sees how many points I have?

Only you and representatives of Kudoz can see how many points you have.

Can I have more than one Kudoz account?

Each person or entity should have only one account. For a person that is the sole proprietor of a business member, they can also have an individual, consumer account. Also, you will need a real cell phone number and email address to open the account for verification purposes.

Are Kudoz reward points really private?

Yes. Businesses only know how many points you spend with them, they have no knowledge of your total points.

How do I convert Kudoz points to cash?

Go to your account and then select cash-out. Complete the online form to finish the withdrawal process.

Can I recommend a business to a friend where I am not a customer?

No. You must be a customer of a business member to recommend them to a friend.

How does a business know I am one of its customers?

When you sign into a business it will see if you are already one of its a customers. Initially, a business will invite its customers to add it to their favorite businesses. The business will provide you with a QR code or link that will sign you up as one of its customers automatically. You can also just sign-in at the business.

How do I send recommendations to my friends?

Recommendations can be sent through email, text, the Kudoz app, or in person by scanning a QR code. In the future, recommendations will also be able to be sent through social media.

How do I receive recommendations from friends?

Recommendations can be received by email, text , through the messaging feature in the Kudoz app. or in person by scanning a QR code. In the future, recommendations will also be received through social media.

What happens to a recommendation after it was received?

After a recommendation is received and accepted, it will stay in the wallet on your Kudoz app until used or it expires.

How long does the recommendation stay in my wallet?

The recommendation will last as long as the recommendation is still being offered by the business or until you use it.

What happens if I received recommendations from the same business from 2 different friends?

If you have received recommendations for the same business from 2 different people, you will only be able to use one of the recommendations. This is to ensure that the business still profits from your patronage. You will decide which recommendation you keep.

Do I need to be a new customer to a business in order to use a recommendation?

Yes. In order for a business to be recommended to you, you must be a new customer.

How do I find-out if a business is a member of the Kudoz Network?

There are a few ways to find out if a business is a member of the Kudoz Network. First, is to try looking them up on our app through the “find” button, which will help you identify businesses that are members. If you’re physically in the business, you can ask one of the employees or look around the business for a sticker that identifies it as a member.

How do I find-out what incentives are being offered by the business to me and my friend that I recommend?

You can find what incentives are being offered by businesses by clicking on their profile within the Kudoz app. Then, click on the button that says “view all referrals” to find all the incentives being currently offered.

Is Kudoz free for customer members?

Yes! Kudoz is free for all customer members.

Can I receive a Kudoz recommendation from a friend even though I’m not a member of Kudoz?

Yes. You can receive a Kudoz recommendation without being a member, but you will be unable to use it unless you become a member.

Do my Kudoz rewards points ever expire?

Kudoz rewards points do not expire. They will always be there until you use them in a Kudoz business or exchange them for cash.

What is the value of a Kudoz reward point?

1 Kudoz reward point is equal to $1 USD.

What is a Kudoz social point?

Kudoz awards social points for your activity within the network. The more you use Kudoz the more points you earn. Having more social points will allow you to go up social levels.

Are there rewards related to my social status within Kudoz?

There are no direct awards for moving up social statuses, such as getting extra points. However, a higher status indicates how strong of an influencer you are. Businesses are able to see your social status when you check in, and a higher status will let them know that you are a very important customer. This may lead to rewards from the business, like a free appetizer or a free drink, but these rewards are not guaranteed and not monitored by Kudoz.

How are Kudoz social levels determined?

Social levels, or statuses, are determined by the total number of social points you earned during that year and the previous year. Similar to frequent flyer programs, your status earned the previous year sets the minimum level you will have the following year. Your social status is shown as a color background behind your profile picture. Your account page will tell you how many points are needed to reach the next level.

As a member of Kudoz, am I telling the world what businesses I frequent?

Kudoz doesn’t tell anyone what businesses you frequent. Kudoz is based upon word of mouth marketing where you tell your friends what businesses you frequent and you tell the businesses that the person you have referred to them is your friend. Some of the details about your activity as it is related to the recommendation is shared among the participants to the referral.

What mobile OSS supports Kudoz?

The two OSS systems that currently support Kudoz are Android and Apple iOS.

Why does Kudoz have a website portal?

Kudoz has a website portal as way to centralize all of our information. The website is a way to facilitate new business, answer questions, and give potential members information about Kudoz. Eventually the app will also be available on the website. Finally, business members access the business portal via the website. In the business portal they will be able to access their dashboard, buy and cash-in points, advertise, send messages to customers, change the companies profile, incentives and rewards and other features.

For a business, who controls the Kudoz account?

The business owner or highest level manager controls the business member’s Kudoz account.

How do I buy Kudoz points?

Business members purchase Kudoz reward point through the Kudoz website portal at kudoznetwork.com. Customer members do not need to buy Kudoz reward points.

What does it mean when my Kudoz points are pending?

If your Kudoz points are pending, it is because the business who sent them to you doesn’t have enough and has to buy more.

Who is responsible for paying me my earned Kudoz points?

The business that you made a successful referral to is responsible for paying you your earned Kudoz points.

Is there a fee for cashing-out Kudoz points?

For businesses cashing out Kudoz Points, there is no fee associated. However, for customer members, a 2% fee will be enacted when you cash out your Kudoz points.

Can a business member offer customer loyalty rewards through Kudoz?

A business member can use Kudoz as a customer loyalty program if they desire and send coupons or points out as a “thank you” to loyal customers.

Can a business member offer a reward that earns over a period of time or number of visits?

Yes. On the referral section there is an option a business can choose that allows them to decide how many times you will get paid for a referral and how much.

Why didn’t I receive my reward or message that I have points pending after my friend used my recommendation at a business member to make a purchase?

Some business members allow return of their purchased product for a specific period of time. A business member is allowed to wait until the return period has expired before rewarding the points earned from the sale. Visit that business member’s profile to see if they have a return period that will delay the rewarding of points. If no such period is listed in the profile, please confirm with your friend that they used your recommendation (check their transaction history and recommendations in their wallet through business find). If they used YOUR recommendation and they have a transaction record of the purchase using the recommendation, please contact Kudoz.

Can they condition earning a long-term reward based upon my continued visits to that business?

Yes. A business can condition rewards based on your continual visit to their business.

Do I need to be a USA company to be a member of Kudoz?

As of right now, yes. You must be a company within the USA. However, in a few years we have plans to expand internationally and once that happens, anybody can join.

Can a business member offer unique codes and corresponding special rewards offers to members other than the general membership?

Yes. If you have a special customer with different priority to your business that you would like to separate out from general membership, you can send them special codes.

Can a not-for-profit, charity or social organization become a member of Kudoz?

Yes. Anybody is welcome to become a member of Kudoz. Kudoz is a great way to collect and earn donations.

Does the not-for-profit, charity or social organization member have to be a customer of the business member in order for them to make a recommendation to its members?

No. The not-for-profit, charity or social organization member doesn’t have to be a customer of the business member to make a recommendation to its members. This is an exception to the rule that you must be a customer of a business to recommend it. This exception is allowed for these organizations because it is assumed that its members are customers of the business members.

Can a not-for-profit, charity or social organization member make recommendations to members that are unique to those members and can be tracked in order to give them credit for their successful recommendations?

This feature will be available soon.

When I sign into a business member, what personal information am I sharing with that business?

When you sign into a business, you are giving them your name, your photo or image, your profile and access to you via the messaging feature and your social status.

Can that business member contact me through my email and/or mobile phone that is in my profile?

No. They can contact you via the message feature. However, if there is an emergency (i.e., possible food poisoning) the business member can contact Kudoz and Kudoz will contact you.

How do I contact one of my business members through the Kudoz app?

Simply click on the business profile by using the “find” button and the profile will include an email and a phone number or you can contact them through the messaging feature.