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Get rewarded for making successful referrals.

Everyone Wins!

Kudoz helps Word-of-Mouth marketing become a win-win for everyone involved.

Recommendations last beyond your ability to remember them.

With Kudoz, consumers are able to hold on to referrals digitally on their phone until use, so they aren’t forgotten. In addition, businesses are able to both track, and incentivize Word-of-Mouth.

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Earn points for Word-of-Mouth referrals. Each points equals to $1 USD.

Hold on to referrals digitally.

Sign up is free for non-business members.

Motivates recipients to act upon recommendations.

Small and medium-sized businesses can compete with the Big Box Stores.

Turning referrals into a win-win situation.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses – Pay only for real, referred customers.

Your business receives new customers through referrals. When new customers pay, those who referred them receive Points as thanks. New customers can begin referring their network as well. Everybody wins!




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