Create exclusive discounts and offers for your customers.

Businesses tap into new and repeat revenue, while empowering and incentivizing users to level up by unlocking status rewards, discounts and exclusive offers from the enterprises and charities they’re helping to grow within their local and virtual communities.




Reward your customers for their referrals.

Customers will land and help you expand your small business.

Motivate your customers to become your brand ambassadors.

Design a unique and remarkable business experience.

By creating meaningful connections with your customers, you can customize promotions based on their preferences.

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Customers connect to new businesses and get rewarded for their loyalty.

Become a customer member for free, enjoy new businesses and have access to different promotions and offers. Get rewarded for every successful referral you make!

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Create a network by telling your friends and family about your favorite businesses.

Earn Kudoz Points

Customers get rewarded for making successful referrals.

Everyone Wins!

Word-of-mouth marketing becomes a win-win for everyone involved.

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