Business Tutorial Videos

Business users can find help by checking the videos below.

Business Edits Profile

Editing your Profile Makes it easy for others to find your Business in the Network

Business Invites A Member

Invite your Loyal Customers. Word of Mouth referral is what the Kudoz Community is all about. Invite your customers – it’s free, fun and effective. Let them promote your business for you!

Business Invites A Business

Inviting other Businesses into the Network. The more Businesses in your local network the better. Keep all members active, engaged and rewarded! And remember, if a business you invite joins as a new Business in the Kudoz Network – you get rewarded!

Business Creates Incentives and Rewards

Creating your incentive and reward program – Referrals! Referrals are where you run reward promotions for anyone who refers a friend to your business.  Believe me, you want to do this. And here’s what it’s all about.