Kudoz for Members

Earn rewards by doing what comes naturally. Refer your favorite coffee shop or yoga studio to your friends.

Now members will have an even better reason to shop at the places they’ve always loved. Word-of-Mouth recommendations are made every day, but many recommendations get lost or forgotten.

Kudoz makes it easier to give the recommendations you are already giving and saves those recommendations in your virtual wallet so they’re there when you want them. No need to learn new habits.

As a consumer, you make the same Word-of-Mouth recommendations as always, but with Kudoz Rewards, you’ll be rewarded for it! If a business joins the Kudoz app because of your recommendation, Kudoz will give you 100 Kudoz Points.

In addition, every time you refer a friend to a business using the Kudoz app, you are compensated with Points that can be used at any business that accepts Kudoz points. Or, you can turn them into cash! Each Kudoz Point is worth 1 standard USD.

We turn referrals into a win-win situation. Most businesses will offer a first-time customer an incentive to make it even more enticing for your friend to visit and use your referral. Ultimately, you’re helping your friends and family with a great recommendation and getting paid for it!