Kudoz Kares

Non-profits are able to make $100 USD for each successful business referral.

Kudoz Network, the platform that helps businesses generate new sales from customer referrals, now helps charitable organizations increase donations by helping support their entire community.

With Kudoz Kares, non-profits can continue to expand their community. It allows non-profits to send out referrals for the local businesses that sponsor them to its members. This will encourage members of the non-profit to visit the businesses that sponsor them. Not only does this build community, but the non-profit is able to make money off the successful referral, which can then be put towards its cause.

Non-profits begins the Kudoz Kares process by first asking businesses that already sponsor them to sign up. If the business chooses to sign up through the non-profit, the non-profit gains 100 Points in donation.

With Kudoz Kares, non-profits can continue to expand and strengthen their communities.

Kudoz members can donate earned points to the non-profit of their choice.

Non-profits may gain more sponsors from local businesses.