CIO - Aiman Khalil

Built and managed the Network Security group at AIG, ranked the 46th largest company in the world. As the Chief Security Officer of AIG he had over 120 people globally reporting to him and was responsible for protecting the network that managed all of the company’s insurance and investment services.

CEO - Joseph P. Trovato

Currently managing Kudoz Network. He has over 25 years of experience managing a small business (dental practice), which has consistently grossed over a million dollars annually. Recognizing the need for alternative forms of marketing, he developed the concept of Kudoz.

COO - James Borghesi

Has very diverse business experience. He has owned multiple small retail businesses in the automotive industry, as well as in the food industry. Jim has also served as the president and COO of the Tampa Bay Storm Arena football team.

BOD - Jim Cheatham

Kudoz Independent Member of Board of Directors, he is one of the first representatives of one of the largest and most successful Wendy’s stores, Jim Cheatham is a walking historical archive of the franchise business. In his forty years of experience, he has been working in a number of platforms ranging from startup to well-established companies. Jim is also an Advisor with the NY Stock Exchange, and a Keynote Speaker at corporations, universities, and various associations.